Debug Your Brain

This video vignette was created as one of a group shown during the Provost's Faculty Retreat in Spring, 2014. The theme of the retreat was engaging students in large classes, and my particular contribution was supposed to focus on student learning outside of the regularly scheduled class meetings. This video, together with one other from the same set, is now used for the campus new faculty orientation.


Jamie Nelson of Illinois Technology Services, performed an in-depth study of the history and efficacy of teaching wirelessly with tablet PCs on our campus. I was fortunate enough to be included in his work because I was among the first to employ that pedagogical device.

In Fall, 2014, I was invited by the Senior Education Specialist at the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning to talk to my colleagues at the College of Business about Active Learning in the classroom. These are the slides I developed. I will be giving this talk again at the Department of Finance Fall Faculty Retreat.